Tuesday, February 7th @ 6PM Book Club Etc.

From the award-winning author of Bound South comes a powerful, moving novel of family loss and sisterly redemption.

For more than ten years, Naomi and Phil Harrison enjoyed a marriage of heady romance, tempered only by the needs of their children. But on a vacation alone, the couple perishes in a flight over the Grand Canyon. After the funeral, their daughters, Ruthie and Julia, are shocked by the provisions in their will…not the least of which is that they are to be separated.

Spanning nearly two decades, the sisters’ journeys take them from their familiar home in Atlanta to sophisticated bohemian San Francisco, a mountain town in Virginia, the campus of Berkeley, and lofts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As they heal from loss, search for love, and begin careers, their sisterhood, once an oasis, becomes complicated by resentment, anger, and jealousy. It seems as though the echoes of their parents’ deaths will never stop reverberating—until another shocking accident changes everything once again.

Raffle Winners & Welcome New Friends of the Hobson Library

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Friends of the Library Raffle! Thank you all for purchasing tickets and thank you to CASE IH for being our sponsor.  And the winners are…

*Pressure Washer:  Connie Metcalfe
*Pump:  Bob Noel
*Case Kid’s Tractor:  Tom Watson

Also much appreciation goes to the following people for joining the Friends of the Hobson Library at the Library’s Beer & Wine Tasting Fundraiser.  Thank you to Tall Boys Tavern for hosting and providing the wonderful gourmet cheese & Charcuterie spread.

Gold $250 +
Clint & Valerie Carr
Larry & Cynthia Denton
Lewis Reedy
Keith & Roberta Stevenson
Marian Stevenson

Silver $101 – $249
Hobson Insurance

Bronze $25 – $100
Kelly Anderson
Kim Bauman
Kyle & Stephanie Carr
Nate & Liz Carr
Robby & Bill Davis
Steve & Laramey Degner
Dan & Marilyn Deichman
Gary & Cindy Durfey
Tara Elings
Roger & Nancy Epkes
Matt & Madeline Forster
Kim Foucher & Loren Drivdahl
Jan French
Jim & Heather Fryer
Jenni Hammontree
Kendal Heilig
Pat & Karen Hickey
Lou & Lewis Hockhalter
Corrie Knerr
Dale & Kathy Longfellow
Kate Loose
Connie & Terry Metcalfe
Bill & Jean Mikkelson
Bob & Jeanna Noel
Elicia Olsen
Beth Simmons
Bill & Cheryl Spratt
Darrell & Sara Stevenson
Jake & Deanna Stevenson
Jerod Stevenson
Bernard & Martie Taylor
Jason Thom
Amy Thompson
Amanda Vogstad
Tom & Tracy Watson
Kevin & Kelly Westbrook
Mike & Nancy Woods


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